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To All Valued Members,

FINASIA GLOBAL MARKETING SERVICES   is pleased to announce a new program, LIFE ON SPORTS in partnership with METRO SPORTING ARMS.  Gun owners and enthusiasts must take advantage of this  program. Platinum VIP Club members  will get   10 % up to 30% discount on guns 'n ammos, as well as sports shooting accessories. 

For inquiries and other concern please feel free to call   us at telephone numbers (632)553 3794 or  (632)555 0228. For other concern you may send a fax at facsimile (632)553 3985 or email us at platinumvip@finasiaglobal.net. You can visit Metro Sporting Arms website at http://www.metrosportingarms.com or visit their facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/laiza.ponce.


Thank you so much

Platinum VIP by FGMS

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We cater Travel and Leisure, Sales Promotions Specializing in Club Membership of hotels and resort accommodation,
travel packages, through medium of Telemarketing.

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